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Your best vacation photos could be the ones no one’s ever seen -- becauseyou didn’t have an underwater camera. But with these nifty waterproof snappers (all digital), rainbow-colored coral and sea creatures in theCaymans, or that awesome kayaking trip or underwater dive, come back tolife.

1) If you can get past the toyish look of its plastic case with blue,yellow, and red trim and buttons, consider the lightweight nature ofthe VuPoint 5.0 MP Digital Camera (DC-WPCST531TBLK- VP).Since you’re already bogged down with paddles or oars, make this anaccessory for your next canoe or kayak trip. $100. (626) 839-5175, www.vupointsolutions.com

2) Perfect for snorkeling because of its compact size and optional bright-orange float strap that attaches to your wrist, the SeaLife ReefMaster Mini 6.0 MP Pro Setcomes with a nylon case and an external flash to make scuba divers beam (waterproof to depths of 130 feet). $250 for camera only, $450 for ProSet, and $20 for float strap. (800) 257-7742, www.sealife-cameras.com

3) New this fall is the slim waterproof and shockproof Olympus Stylus 1050SW 10.1 MP.Even in a powerful ocean wave or 10 feet below, you won’t get knockedout of the running when preserving vacation photos. Design is great forplaying near shore or water sports just beyond. Boogie boarding, anyone? $300. (888) 553- 4448, www.olympusamerica.com

4) For those sailing trips where water splashes your face and the inside of the boat, take the Pentax Optio W60,which comes in a vivid but tranquil blue to mimic waterfronts around the world. Waterproof to 13 feet, it’s also lightweight (5.1 ounces) and easy to tuck into your shorts pocket. $330. (800) 877-0155, www.pentaximaging.com

5) Take the Sony Cyber-shot W170 (with the Marine Pack MPK-WD water housing) on your next deep-sea dive. With the water housing’s ($200) wrist strapand LCD hood, the camera stays safe and dry down to 132 feet. Oh, and that shark that’s heading your way -- he’s ready for his close-up.$280. (877) 865-7669, www.sony.com

6) If you’re planning a truly deep scuba diving trip (we’re talking shipwreck material) the Intova IC-600 MP keeps clicking even at depths of 180 feet. It’s housed in ared-and-black plastic case and equipped with a handy cord that stretches fairly long. $200. (808) 837-0074, www.intova.net