If you’ve shopped for a new plasma TV, digital camera, or DVD burner, you know what a pain it can be to decipher all that brain-fogging technical jargon. Last year, a market study by the research firm MetaFacts found that only 3 percent of more than 1,500 consumers surveyed could define 11 common tech terms, among them MP3, Dot Pitch, and DVR.

So check your tech savvy and see how many of these terms you can define. Answers below.

1 Megahertz
3 Megapixel
5 Bluetooth

1 Measures clock speeds of a computer’s microprocessor
2 Short Message Service — used to send and receive short text messages on cellphones
3 Refers to the resolution of a scanner, digital camera, monitor, or other device
4 Digital Video Recorder — a box that records and plays TV programs
5 A way of wirelessly connecting products
— Chris Tucker