Acer Veriton FP2 (from $1,899)
Planning a big splash in a small space? The modular FP2 commands a room without overwhelming it. Its svelte 15-inch, flat-panel screen sports the crisp color of a CRT monitor without the bulk, and it’s detachable, so you can hang it on the wall for viewers’ pleasure during meetings. Accessorize at will with the two hot-swappable drives and four USB ports. If you can’t create a multimedia show with this baby, you ain’t trying.
Aqcess Qbe Vivo (from $1,799)
This sleek, lightweight tablet — about the size and weight of a 2-inch stack of legal-size paper — fits comfortably in your office, lab, or boardroom, even at 33,000 feet. A slender model she may be, but strong: up to 850MHz processing speed, 320MB of memory, 20GB hard drive space. She communicates well (with a 56k modem and wire-
less networking), and she’s smart, too — she has voice- and handwriting-recognition software. A crisply colorful 10.4-inch XGA touchscreen and built-in digital camera (think videoconferencing) complete the package. Available in May at
ibm thinkpad transnote (from $3,100)
it’s a notebook. it’s a computer. it’s both — a new, dual-purpose doohickey to do any kind of drudgery. use the thinkscribe
digital notepad to record up to fifty pages of handwritten text and art (memos, contract revisions, “to do” lists), and then store or transfer your work to the muscular thinkpad as
e-mail, word-processing documents, or presentation materials. (thinkpad stats: 600mhz pentium iii processor, 64mb of ram, 10gb hard drive.) when you’re done, just fold the two away in your carry-on. (888) 746-7426