You, my friend, have had a tough week. Maybe worse. So quit. Empty your bank account. Buy a villa in Tuscany. Move. Meet a sexy Italian. Fall in love.

Only in the movies, right? Nope, this happened for real — almost. It’s from Frances Mayes’ memoir, Under the Tuscan Sun: At Home in Italy, a recent bestseller. The film is true to Mayes’ pesce-out-of-water tale, but with an only-in-Hollywood twist: While Mayes packed up for Tuscany with her husband, the film’s star, Academy Award nominee Diane Lane, heads abroad solo (for more on the lovely Lane, turn to page 12). Enter the sexy Italian, the love story, and the driving force of the movie. A funny film, it’s definitely lighter fare — but it’s an escape that won’t cost your life’s savings. Opens September 12.

Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, plays a tough-guy bounty hunter who heads to South America in pursuit of Seann William Scott (yep, Stifler from American Pie). The Rock gets his man and picks up Rosario Dawson along the way. Then the trio discovers Christopher Walken forcing thousands of locals to dig for gold at gunpoint. Naturally, The Rock and Scott turn from nasty fellas to do-gooders, freeing the captured locals. Stuff blows up along the way, Walken acts creepy, and The Rock flexes. Except for Stifler, it’s an excellent action film all around. Opens September 26.