What type of people live in Boulder? Is there anything that most residents seem to have in common?
"Almost everyone is an athlete. On Pearl Street, there's a funky little hippie community - yoga is huge in Boulder, so there's definitely a lot of the earthy, sunflower types around. But mostly, there are just tons of athletes. Cyclists. Runners. Hikers. Skiers. Everyone's driving around with skis on top of their car. Everyone's running around with a dog."

It's a dog-friendly town?
"It's very dog friendly. There's even a doggy bakery called P.C.'s Pantry, where the owners know all the dogs' names.They bake doggy biscuits and doggy cookies and doggy delicacies. That's a sweet place."

I get the sense that Boulder isn't the smartest destination for a couch potato, huh?
"Yeah, they'll laugh you out of town! You'd at least have to buy some athletic gear - even if you don't use it - just so you can wear it to the health-food market and look like you know what you're doing. In Boulder, athletic stores are everywhere you look. You can't go 100 feet without running into one. Because of the altitude and the terrain, lots of professional athletes go to Boulder to train, so there are all these amazing, athletic bodies racing around everywhere. Good people watching. It's impossible to sit around and do nothing. Even my mom, who never did any of this stuff, bought cross-country skis this year. She finally gave in."

What about after the sun goes down? Is Boulder as active at night as it is during the day?