Are you a regular there? Do you get the five-star treatment when you drop by?
"No, I wish! I think so many people love that place and go every week that they're not too impressed by me." [laughs]

Let's talk some more about food. What are the can't-miss restaurants in Boulder?
"The Boulder Cork is great for steak. There's the Sunflower, which is health food - not vegetarian, just really healthy. And there's a place called Babalou - I think it's called Babalou, but I'm gonna have to check because I'm having a bit of a brain lapse. They have a salmon dish that I get every time - salmon with roasted tomatoes and spinach. Mmm. I dream about it. [A few hours later, Thorne-Smith calls back and leaves a voicemail message: "Hi, it's Courtney. You know that great restaurant that I thought was called Babalou? Well, um, it's called Rhumba. Sorry about that. I was close! It's yummy Caribbean food."] And then there's a little Vietnamese place we love for a great, inexpensive meal. It's called Chez Thuy and it is yummy. It's a little off the beaten path, but it's always crowded. I have to be honest, though: One of my favorite spots in Boulder is the salad bar at the Whole Foods supermarket! [laughs] My poor mom - she wants to kill me by the end of my visit because I want to go there every day for lunch."

How about one outrageously romantic place for dinner?
"Oh, the Flagstaff House! It's a famous, famous, zillion-star restaurant - perfect food. It's a very elegant restaurant with lots of tiny rooms and romantic little tables. And it's right in the middle of the Flatirons, on this mountain perch, so it has incredible views, too."