The bookstore is "yummy"? What makes a bookstore yummy?
"Just that they have everything. It's a really satisfying bookstore. It's funkier than, say, a Barnes & Noble, you know?

After that, if you're starting to get hungry and it's a Saturday during the summer, there's a really great farmers market that sells organic fruits and vegetables. Then right next door on 13th Street there's this really cool teahouse called the Dushanbe Teahouse. It's amazing - it looks like something out of an amusement park. And you can get every kind of tea imaginable inside. That's a nice way to spend the morning.

In the afternoon, I'd head out to Chautauqua Park for a hike. Chautauqua used to be a little writers' community, so there are all these great little cottages at the base of the Flatiron Mountains. Now Chautauqua has tons of gorgeous hikes. Honestly, Boulder is just full of hikes. Running through the entire town, there's this great, meandering, nine-mile path at Eben G. Fine Park that goes up a road called Fourmile Canyon. I do that four-mile run every day when I'm there."

If someone visits Boulder hoping for a Courtney Thorne-Smith sighting, where are they most likely to find you? Other than jogging through a canyon.
"Oh, probably Lucile's Creole Cafe. It's a New Orleans-style breakfast restaurant. You can get blackened salmon and beignets. It's just sooo yummy. You really want to go mid-morning, though, because you have to work up your appetite, and then you're probably not going to eat again until dinner. It's actually in an old converted house, and it's got these small rooms with charming white tables and a great big porch."