So don't come to town and talk trash about Elway, in other words?

"Oh, no no no! You'll get kicked right out. Or if you say you've never heard of John Elway, or that you're not really into football. Yeah, that means you're from out of town. You're just shot. Even my mother eventually got into football, because you basically have no choice. Now she loves it. She was practically crying when they won the Super Bowl."

Tell me more about the ChopHouse - that sounded great.

"It's right near the football stadium. It's in lower downtown - people there call it LoDo. It used to be a not-so-nice area, but it's been redone and now it has all of these great restaurants up and down the row. There's also a great Asian-fusion restaurant called Mao in Cherry Creek, which is the cool shopping spot in Denver. If you want to eat cheap, you have to go to Wahoo's Fish Taco. It's kind of fast food-y. They've got them all over Colorado, and they are yummy."

Let's move on to Boulder, which is the town you really adore, right?

"Yeah, my mother has lived there for 12 years."

If you've got one day to spend in town, what should you do?
"Well, I love to work out, so first I'd probably go to this great little gym downtown called Boulder's Pulse. You just got off a plane, so you need to stretch out, right? The only drawback is that there's a mezzanine inside the gym with a coffee shop and ba­­gel store, so while you work out you have to smell bagels toasting. But I guess you can use it as incentive - to jump off the stairmaster and into the bagel store. You can go work out there just for the day or you can buy a weeklong pass. Then I'd go to the Pearl Street Mall, which is Boulder's great outdoor shopping area. They've got live music, street per­formers, shopping, restaurants - it's beautiful. The mall is also great for kids because there are cool statues that kids can climb on. And don't miss the Boulder Book Store, which is an amazing, three-story, yummy bookstore."