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You remember a while back when everyone was cracking jokes about PajamaJeans? They’re jeans that are supposedly so soft and comfortable, they’re essentially like wearing pajamas. They kind of looked the part, too, especially after a few wearings (or so we heard). But what if you could take that concept (without the less-than-stellar idea of calling them PajamaJeans) and apply it to one of America’s best-selling denim lines? Thanks to a joint collaboration between Hudson jeans and world-renowned denim manufacturer Isko utilizing its newest fabric, F&F, the Future Face of Indigo, that’s exactly what has happened. The F&F fabric is making denim news because, while it’s woven (meaning it retains shape and fit), its supersoft, lightweight touch is more reminiscent of a knit fabric. When you pull on the jeans, you truly feel as if you’re wearing a cotton ball — they’re that soft — yet, they fit like a glove and won’t leave you with baggy knees (or bottoms) after a wearing or two. The jeans are available in Hudson’s four top-selling fits (Nico, Christa, Collin and Mia), which range from skinny to flared. $154 to $202,  www.hudsonjeans.com