AW: What do you say when your competitors contend that you don'talways know what you are getting into with technology like this,because it is so labor-intensive and doesn't seem to fit yourDirect Model?
It is exactly what they said 10 or 15 years ago aboutDell and the computer business to begin with, and it is exactlywhat they said about Dell and the server business five years ago.Obviously, time has proven them wrong more than they are right. Thething to watch is a customer. Because customers know more aboutwhether something is good than competitors.

AW: You're successful and financially set. What keeps youmotivated and makes you want to continue to slug it out?
I'm relatively young, and I'm still having a great dealof fun. I've got a good job, and I don't have any plans to goanywhere. The Dell team has enjoyed a great deal of success, butthere are still many more markets to explore and customers to servearound the world.

hire for speed
michael dell's number-one tip for a fast-moving company

speed and constant change have defined dell's corporate culturesince its humble beginnings. its flexible style is one manycompanies - and not just tech companies - need to survive as theyadjust to an uncertain economy.

"there is nothing like practice to get good at changing," founderand ceo michael dell says. "i don't know any other prescriptionthan to start changing and to condition people for it."

so how do you shift from tackling problems to pursuingpossibilities? the place to start, dell advises, is in the hiringprocess. here are five characteristics he looks for in a new hire -five characteristics you can seek next time you're recruiting.