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Lead singers from three notable bands add up to equal one buzzworthy supergroup.

John J. McCauley III of Deer Tick
McCauley’s raspy, Steve Earle–?worthy vocals are perfectly highlighted by the rootsy grooves of his perennially popular Rhode Island–based indie band, Deer Tick.
Taylor Goldsmith of Dawes
Goldsmith shows off impressive range as the singer for California folk-rock outfit Dawes, whose sound falls somewhere between Ryan Adams and Crosby, Stills and Nash.
Matt Vasquez of Delta Spirit
Vocalist/guitarist Sanchez brings a Mick Jagger–like swagger to the subtly bluesy, percussion-heavy rock tunes of his San Diego foursome, Delta Spirit.
Middle Brother
The three frontmen came together to record their new self-titled album (Partisan, $12) after striking gold in live collaborations. Not surprisingly, the vocals are killer, but what’s more notable is the record’s loose, whatever-works vibe. All three musical points of view come into play organically (see: the throwback rock ’n’ roll verses of “Me Me Me” and the soul-stirring three-part harmonies of “Daydreaming”) to create a winning combination.