"You should go to the Met, the Mu-seum of Modern Art, and, especially in the summer, Lincoln Center, where they have these amazing outdoor concerts. Also in the summer, the Delacorte Theater, the public theater, is free. It's just free theater in the park. The Brooklyn Botanic Gardens are magnificent. They're really close to the city and it's like you're walking into a Monet painting."

"You don't want to rush the experience at Union Square Cafe. You want to spend a good three hours and have a several-course meal there. When I was doing a play at the Manhattan Theater Club, we would always go to Café Des Artistes afterward. Downtown, we go to Mesa Grill, which is Southwestern and festive."

"One of my favorite off-Broadway theaters is the Manhattan Theater Club. … I would always check out what's going on there. If you want really cutting-edge performance art or thea-ter, I would look into what's going on at PS 122 on the Lower East Side. A great place to go to afterward is Grange Hall in the West Village. It's hard to find, but it's a very popular place for the theater crowd."

"My mainstay is in the East Village: Veselka. It's a Polish/
Ukrainian diner I have been going to religiously since 1991. It is the best Polish/Ukrainian food I've ever had in America. It's open 24 hours a day. I recommend you try the pierogi, the traditional Polish/Ukrainian dish. I get them stuffed with potatoes with a side of grilled onions and sour cream. It will blow your mind. They also have extraordinary homemade soups."


"Wake up in the morning, walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, and then along the Promenade in Brooklyn. You'll get a perspective of the Manhattan skyline that's incredible. Then have brunch at The River Cafe and walk back across the bridge. You've had your exercise, a beautiful view of the city, and a great lunch."