"If you get in late and you want a great meal, you can go right downstairs to the Mercer Kitchen. They have an extraordinary wasabi pizza as an appetizer. Another favorite of ours in SoHo, if you want to go somewhere easy, is Raoul's. It's an Old Worldish bar/restaurant right in the neighborhood. It is just a really cozy, comfy, warm place, and you just go there for steak and pommes frites and a cocktail. Another mainstay, right off of Times Square, is Carmine's. It's basic, family-style Italian food in a festive, energetic environment. Huge portions, very hearty meals, and affordable."

"I would always go to the theater - always. I would go to TKTS, the ticket booth in the heart of Times Square, where you can get half-price tickets. That's the savior for tourists coming to town. I used to go and wait in line in the morning. You go get a cup of coffee and a bagel, wait in line, and you can get the hottest tickets for half-price. After the theater, you have a second dinner. One of my favorite little after-theater cafes off Times Square is Café Un Deux Trois. It's where you'll see a lot of actors who have just gotten off the stage. You can get omelets, fish, anything. It's good quality and has the loveliest ambience. If after the play you want a beer in an Irish pub, go to McHale's. It's everything you think about when you think of an Irish pub. Everyone there is happy and loud."


"Basically, if you're a wannabe New Yorker, you dress in a way that is uniquely your own and you don't make eye contact with anybody. For me, the most important thing is being able to walk. That's the heart and soul of the city. So I will always be either in sneakers or in flats or my black flat boots. And I always have a backpack, because [you] do so much walking and always acquire things, every time you walk out of your building, your apartment, your hotel, whatever, you always acquire things along the way."