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Like what you hear on your AA flights? Here’s the man behind our catchy jingle.

If you can identify the nearest exit on this airplane, chances are you’ve just watched the in-flight information video. The man behind the jingle you heard in the clip is 38-year-old trumpeter David Winer, a longtime member of Justin Roberts and the Not Ready for Naptime Players, one of the most successful family-oriented acts in contemporary music. Roberts, Winer and the NRFNP — who released Jungle Gym, their seventh recording for families, earlier this year — have collected mantels-full of awards for their playful efforts, and USA Today recently dubbed Roberts, who plays more than 200 shows nationwide each year, “the Paul McCartney of kids’ music.” As for Winer, he’s enjoying his 15 minutes of fame from penning the American Airlines jingle, which was also used in last year’s Oscar-nominated film Up in the Air. “I got a bit of notoriety from the movie thing,” he says with a laugh. “But mainly I get recognized by 5-year-olds.”