David Walton (left) and Benjamin Stockham on About A Boy
Jordin Althaus/NBC

If David Walton looks familiar, it’s because he’s popped up on your TV screen over the past several years, from a few too-short-lived sitcoms to guest stints on hot shows like New Girl. Now, the Boston native is set to break out for good: His buzzed-about NBC show, About a Boy, debuts this month. Here, he fills in American Way on five things about him that we didn’t know before.

1. I am one of seven children. I have four sisters and two brothers. When I was very young, my sisters would dress me up in women’s clothing and take pictures of me. I battle the psychological damage of that experience every day.

2. Actor John Krasinski and I both performed in Out of Bounds, the sketch comedy troupe at Brown University. Our scenes together were very fun.

3. The first professional job I ever got was a McDonald’s commercial. I played an All-American high-school basketball player. I told everyone to watch, but they only showed me from the neck down in the commercial.

4. To make money starting out in New York, I was a waiter, a landscaper, an SAT tutor and a Cutco knife salesman. I was the No. 1 knife salesman in the country one month, but in reality, the knives sold themselves. They were great knives. Call me if you need any.

5. When I was 13 years old, I grew from 5 feet 4 inches to 6 feet. That’s 8 inches. I slept a lot that year and pretty much lost all my coordination. I knocked over water glasses basically every time I sat down for a meal.