David Moore equates his hobby with mountain climbing, speed boating, or hot air ballooning — it gives him the same kind of thrills. But even the most fearless daredevil might have second thoughts about facing an audience of cynical New Yorkers and trying to make them laugh.

The Harvard Business School grad happened into stand-up comedy two years ago, when a friend encouraged him to try amateur night at an Upper West Side club. A confident public speaker and veteran Toastmaster, Moore thought, “Why not?” Two years later, he’s been named top amateur comedian in Manhattan and appears three to four nights a month at hot spots like Caroline’s and the Improv.

Still, the 46-year-old co-founder of venture capital firm Sonostar Ventures doesn’t want to quit his day job — at least not yet: “But if someone called and said Seinfeld was doing a new show and needed a business-guy type next-door neighbor, I‘d be there.”