You've added timers to your machines to ensure that any item more than 15 minutes old is thrown out. With a parameter like that, how can you ensure Bamn!'s continued success, especially once the novelty has worn off?
Leong: Our business is based on fundamentals. If we continue to execute and innovate on that foundation, our success is ensured. As Joe Horn [of the old Horn & Hardart Automats] used to say, "There's no trick to selling a poor item cheaply. The real trick is selling a good item cheaply."

What happens to the food you throw out?
Kwak: We haven't thrown out much food at all, due to the fact that business has been so good. But we are speaking to several homeless shelters to see about donating to them.

Given Bamn!'s popularity, you're already looking to expand. Where?
Kwak: Well, so far, just in the States, we've been contacted by serious parties in Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Detroit, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, Miami, Houston, and Baltimore.
Leong: We envision the possibility of a Bamn! on every corner of every street in every major metropolitan city in the world. For more information, visit

Take Your Pick

Bamn! serves a sizable menu of breakfast, lunch, and dinner delights. (It’s open 24 hours a day!) Here are a few favorites:
› Peanut-butter-and-jelly empanadas, $2
› Marinated-Spam-and-rice squares, $2
› Mac-and-cheese croquettes, $2
› Pizza dumplings, $2
› New York Milkshake Company’s famous
› grilled cheese, $2
› A bucket of fries, $10
› Special sauces (everything from brown
› gravy to truffle mayo), 75¢