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Monster tracker Nick Burkhardt has it tough on Grimm, balancing supernatural police pursuits with a relationship on the rocks and skeletons rattling the family closet. The dark role is an appropriate career twist for star David Giuntoli, whose own childhood fears were generated by scary fairy tales (and worse). “I saw The Shining when I still believed in Santa Claus, and that was not healthy for me,” the actor admits. “I think I’d be about four inches taller right now if I’d never seen that movie.”

What else spooked Giuntoli as a kid? We get him to spill.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
“I’ll tell you who I hated back in the day: the Evil Queen. I remember my first impulses of injustice and rage and hate being against this evil woman in this old Disney movie.”

Darby O''Gill and the Little People
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Darby O’Gill and the Little People
“This movie had [a young] Sean Connery fighting this evil banshee woman in an Irish town and helping leprechauns and things, and that would horrify me.”

Little Red Riding Hood
“I had this book of Grimm’s Fairy Tales, and what I’d thought of the Big Bad Wolf growing up was very Disney-fied. But this book was very real, and there was blood and fangs … it really, really scared me. When I would run to the bathroom as a little kid, I was scared that the Big Bad Wolf was going to get me. I had a night-light for way too long.”