AW: SFX Sports Group seems to have conquered the sports marketing world. Where do you go now?
I'm looking to expand the company. I'm heading off to Germany next week to work on increasing our presence in Europe. Grow internationally. Grow our golf division. Golf is a good growth area for us, and we're going to be very aggressive in it. I'm also looking to enjoy the clients I have developed over the last 26 years and work with the up-and-comers in the office in this field.

AW: What do you do to relax?
I love to play golf; I just started playing seven years ago. I have about an 18 handicap. I also love music. I have two acoustic guitars that I play at home.

AW: What do you feel that shows like Arli$$ and movies like Jerry Maguire are leaving out about sports agents?
Arli$$ is more realistic, but it's exaggerated. At its core, this is a highly personalized business. When you watch these shows, it shows the glamorous side of the business, not how much time you have to spend actually protecting the clients in such personal things as prenuptial agreements.

AW: What do you do if a player you are promoting falls on hard times in their personal lives?
I believe that if you make a commitment to a person, you stick with them. This business is like a marriage. Sometimes you have to tell [clients] bad news, look them in the eyes, and be honest. If you can help them get through, you feel good.

AW: Any advice for people just starting out in business?
People feel you have to play a role. I think you just have to be yourself. You have to be genuine. Be honest and sincere.

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