DINNER "We really liked the Blue Water Cafe. It's big and kind of loud and has a big bar to one side, not too fancy. It's a place to go to have a good time. They have a great oyster bar. Of course, with Vancouver being in the Pacific Northwest, the seafood is great everywhere. You can't go wrong. You have salmon out your ears in Vancouver. You can't put your foot down on the street without stepping on salmon. They have so many different kinds of oysters that I can't remember them all. Some places have those oyster-shooter-type things where they mix them with alcohol and you just slug the whole thing down and the next thing you know, it's Sunday morning."

NIGHTLIFE "Delilah's for a drink. They are famous for their martinis. They've got two pages of martinis. It's a dark bar in one of Vancouver's best restaurants. They have something called the Delilah martini. I always got that, although I can't remember what's in it."


EXCURSION "When I first started dating my wife, we took a seaplane over to Vancouver Island and we stayed at the Sooke Harbour House. It's still one of the best weekends I've ever spent in my life. When we got there, we immediately had dinner, which was one of the best dinners we had ever had because the place has its own herb garden. Everything is grown locally or actually grown there. The hotel is very quaint. It opens onto the harbor. We stayed in kind of a cottage-style room. All the rooms have a fireplace and some of the views open onto the lake. We woke up and just kind of hiked around. It's a beautiful island, nothing too regimented, just a lot of hiking and eating. It's just that beautiful Northwestern weather up there."