LUNCH "For health food, I would go to a place called Capers, which has really good produce and organic stuff. That's a good place for lunch. You can get egg dishes and things like that, but it's pretty much healthy fare. We usually try to eat pretty simply and healthfully, and there's a famous neo-hippie place in Kitsilano called The Naam. Kitsilano is a place where a lot of Americans came to live during the Vietnam War when they came up to Canada. The Naam still has a '60s kind of flavor to it. It's open 24 hours a day and there's no meat, no alcohol, no nothing. We would eat there all the time. It's a college, barefoot, tie-dye crowd. I would always get something called the Buddha's Feast, a vegetable stir-fry on rice. For dessert, they have this thing called Noh Pie, which is kind of a custardy pie. I never knew why it was called Noh Pie. It was very tasty and we never figured out what was actually in it. You should ask them, if they ever answer their phone."

ISLAND HOPPING "If you have the time and the inclination, it's great to go island hopping. There are many of them off the coast of Vancouver, and they're all beautiful and remote. All of the islands are different, some bigger than others. The people who live there want a simpler life. I went out to Galiano Island on a little boat, although you could do it on a seaplane. All of the islands are fairly close to one another so if you have a little motorboat, you can make it. There's also the ferry out to Vancouver Island. So you can take the plane or boat or drive the islands with your car on the ferry."