SWIM "If I could do only one thing in Vancouver, I would swim in the Kitsilano Pool. I enjoyed that so. When it was nice, I would go every day. I believe it's one of the largest outdoor swimming pools in North America. I like to swim to keep in shape, and I think this pool is like 11 laps for a mile. It's just enormous. It's outdoors and right on the ocean, so you actually feel like you are swimming in the ocean. If you get good weather in the spring and summer, it's just the most beautiful place to swim in the world because you can see the harbor and the ships, the tankers out in the bay, and the mountains beyond. You're swimming in this pool that's so long, it feels like you're never going to hit the other side."

SCENERY "We were there for five years, so there's really no place in Vancouver where we didn't shoot. We did a lot of filming in Stanley Park because it's so big. Aside from the kind of paved places, there are a lot of woody areas where we would shoot. We also did a lot in what's called the LSCR, the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve. We were there almost every week. If you go up to the LSCR, you could run across a bear. I drove past a couple. The LSCR is an amazing natural wonder. There's nothing like being in the forest in the rain and walking my dog. It's great to be with dogs in the rain because they don't complain at all about it, and they never ask for an umbrella."

SHOPPING "Robson Street downtown was always a good window-shopping street for me when I wanted to kill some time and just kind of stroll around. There's the Vancouver Flea Market, which is open every weekend. You can get just about everything there. Duthie Books is a nice bookstore. On Sundays, I would grab a Times there and sit outside and read. They have a good selection of everything. They have these free Canadian newspapers, which were always interesting. They were radical Canadian papers that you could occasionally peruse and get some ideas from."