HOW TO LOOK LIKE A LOCAL "Don't carry an umbrella. Umbrellas are for foreigners. Not carrying one says that you can take it. The rain doesn't get you down. I'm sure plenty of [locals] have umbrellas, but they just kind of ignore it. The rain in Vancouver is kind of misty. There's rarely a deluge like the biblical rain you get in California. It rarely rains really hard, but it often rains just constantly. As for what to wear, it's a West Coast city. It gets chilly because it's damp, but I could get away with a leather jacket and a sweater and a scarf and a hat. I carried an umbrella, though."

BREAKFAST "There is a funny breakfast place called the Elbow Room Cafe, which is very small and crowded. It's mostly known because the waiters are abusive to the customers in a kind of funny way. People go there to be abused by the waiters. We actually filmed a couple of shows there. The food is good, but the abuse is better, as I recall. I became addicted to coffee in Vancouver. Starbucks started in Seattle, but I think Vancouver was like the second city it went to. That's where the virus started spreading. On Robson, there are two Starbucks right across from each other. They keep two coffee shops busy. That's how much coffee people drink in Vancouver. The two Starbucks are slightly different. One is more of a sit-down and the other is more of a run-through. The former is a great place to sit and watch the window-shopping traffic walk by. I would just sit there and slowly addict myself to the substance."

SIGHTS "On Saturdays, we would go to Stanley Park, a huge park on the other side of the water there. It has this sea wall that runs all along the park, where people rollerblade and stroll and jog. My numbers may be wrong, but I think it was 10 kilometers if you wanted to jog all around the sea wall. Sometimes, we would do what we called our 'Vancouver triathlon,' which was to swim the Kitsilano Pool, then run the sea wall, and, for the third event, go and play with the dogs."