First Impression "I remember the first time I flew into Vancouver to start work on The X-Files pilot. It was evening and it was raining. I always loved the rain in the city because it kind of mutes everything. It makes everything quieter and slower and makes people more pensive, which I like. I'm less a fan of constant sunshine. I like moody environments, and Vancouver is definitely moody."

LODGING "The Sutton Place Hotel is where I stayed when I first came to Vancouver. I have a sentimental attachment to it because that's where we started X-Files and went through all our growing pains when I lived there. I didn't get an apartment until maybe five months into the first year, so I stayed there a good, long while. It's right downtown. We were working real hard, and the hotel has nice massage people downstairs. You could get a massage in your room or down at the spa. That was always very relaxing."

DINNER "If I could eat only one thing in Vancouver, I would go with Tojo's tuna sashimi. The chef there is named Tojo Hidekazu, and his tuna sashimi is outrageous. You could eat that raw fish all night long. It's a pretty basic Japanese restaurant. You really can't go wrong with Japanese food in Vancouver because the fish is so good and so clean. We used to go to Il Giardino di Umberto, which is authentically Italian. I used to go there when I was first dating my wife, so I have fond memories of it. It's small and kind of famous, with a couple of floors and a little bar off to the side where you can wait until your table is ready."

NIGHTLIFE "Sutton Place is known for its bar, the Gerard Lounge. It's known locally because a lot of actors stay at The Sutton Place and kick back in the Gerard Lounge. It's a celebrity-watching watering hole, though I didn't actually do that. It's very small, and we had a great bartender who took care of us. We would just go there and relax every night after work. It's not too big and not too loud. It's also very dark, and I like a dark bar."