His character may have pursued the paranormal throughout the five seasons David Duchovny spent filming The X-Files in Vancouver, but he was anything but spooked by the Canadian seaport. Here are Duchovny's favorite Vancouver haunts.
Dear Vancouver, David Duchovny got a bum rap. When he joked on a talk show about the city's incessant rain, the comment wasn't a complaint.

"Those things get away from you in the press, and all of a sudden, the rain became the reason I wanted to move The X-Files to L.A., when, in fact, I wanted to move it so that I could live with my wife," he remembers. "I became the guy who hated the rain when, in fact, I love the rain." This X-Files-worthy imbroglio still weighs upon Duchovny, who spent five years living in Vancouver while playing FBI agent Fox Mulder. This month, Duchovny displays a capacity for comedy in Evolution, about a meteor that hits Earth, bringing with it alien life-forms.

Born in Manhattan, Duchovny won a scholarship to the prestigious Collegiate School, where his classmates included John F. Kennedy Jr. He graduated from Princeton and received a master's in English literature from Yale, but just before completing his PhD, he left academia for acting. After some low-budget fare, he landed movie and television parts (including that of a cross-dressing DEA agent in Twin Peaks and a recurring role in Showtime's Red Shoe Diaries) before hitting sex-symbol status in The X-Files, starring in both the long-running hit TV series and the 1998 feature film.

While he now lives in L.A. with his wife, actress Téa Leoni, and their 2-year-old daughter, Madelaine West, Duchovny misses the city that gave birth to his stardom. Here's a weekend with David Duchovny in Vancouver, where, honestly, he loves everything - especially the rain.