david d'alessandro's 10 rules for career success
1 look beyond your navel. many people become so self-absorbed that they have an absurdly unrealistic view of how others regard them. knowing how you come across will help you become the person you want to be - that means effective, competent, and fair.

2 your boss is the coauthor of your brand. your boss is the filter through which higher-ups view your accomplishments and failings. treat your relationship with your boss carefully.

3 put your boss on the couch. figure out whether your boss is the type to stand in your way or help your brand.

4 learn which is the pickle fork. know the importance of etiquette and good
manners. show that you belong in the world of senior executives.

5 kenny rogers is right. sometimes a work situation is hopeless and you have to, as rogers sang, know when to fold 'em. one example is a family-owned business: don't expect to rise to the top, because family businesses stay in the family.

6 it's always show time. big events don't make careers. attention to mundane, every­day actions builds brands and good careers.

7 make the right enemies. never offending anyone dilutes your brand. but make the right choices about the fights you pick.

8 don't get swallowed by the bubble. if you reach the top, don't believe the stories about your own genius. surround yourself with people who are honest and be willing to accept criticism.

9 the higher you fly, the more you will be shot at. success breeds criticism. prepare to be a target and prepare for bad news - or prevent it - before it happens. admit when you are wrong and never adopt a bunker mentality.

10 make sure you stay a contender. it's never too late to change your brand. be conscious every day of what kind of brand you're building, and don't let setbacks deter you.