And to those who accuse him of selling out with his recent roles in big-budget Hollywood projects, Cross is quick to offer a rebuttal. “Lou Reed is doing an ad for Supreme T-shirts, and Iggy Pop is doing billboards for car insurance over in England,” he says. “Modest Mouse had its music in a car commercial. There’s a concept of selling out in today’s world that is vastly different than it was 15 or 20 years ago. It’s just a different world, and selling out doesn’t mean as much and has a different definition.”

Any fans who remain disgruntled will surely be placated when the big-screen version of Arrested Development -- long rumored and finally confirmed -- comes to fruition. Cross is thrilled to be going back to work on a project he was so proud of. “The cast was great, and it was something where, when we were working on it, we all knew that it was something very special,” he says of the underdog series, which lasted only three seasons on Fox. “It’s rare to work on something where I would be such a huge fan of the show even if I didn’t work on it.”

Just like his trademark show is, Cross is known for pushing the boundaries. When asked what his fans would be surprised to learn about him, he deadpans an unprintable answer. Then, the PG side of his personality comes out and offers a more palatable alternative: “People think I’m taller than I am,” he says. “But I’m five foot four.”

Whether you’re talking about his career choices, his personality, or his height, Cross is always full of surprises.