THE SUM OF OUR DISCONTENT: Why Numbers Make Us Irrational
By David Boyle, Texere, $24.95

Did you make your numbers? Even if you’re on track to hit quota, you can relate to the central thesis of this gently challenging book by a British economist. Boyle says, in essence, that we count too much. Edu- cation is amiss, he contends, when schoolkids drill so relentlessly for acceptable scores on basic skills tests that anything apart from the test is practically ignored. Boyle isn’t anti-numbers; he just thinks we need a lot less math — and a little more myth.

By Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, PhD, Doubleday/Currency, $21.95

Legendary marketers look at what electronic marketplaces, Web-based buyer cooperatives, and other interactive technologies mean for business-to-business sellers.

By Sumner Redstone with Peter Knobler, Simon and Schuster, $26

Beginning with the 1979 hotel fire that nearly killed him, the Viacom captain relates how his all-consuming ambition helped him overcome a childhood in poverty to eventually head MTV, CBS, Paramount Pictures, Blockbuster, and his own publisher, Simon and Schuster.