Willie King, Living In A New World (Rooster Blues Records)

There’s good news for fans of the blues. This 59-year-old bluesman from Aliceville, Alabama, tears it up once again on his second CD. With his North Mississippi-style blues, the tunes are a mix of solid songwriting and groovy vibe. The title track opens the disc with a tête-à-tête of vocals and sax, then moves flawlessly into traditional blues with “Crawlin’ Blues,” and never misses a beat for the rest of the album.

David Baerwald,
Here Comes The New Folk Underground (Lost Highway)

In the category of “What ever happened to?” a voice from the past has emerged. As one-half of the ’80s group David & David, Baerwald had success with the single “Welcome to the Boomtown.” Now, as he continues on his solo journey, his true potential and songwriting ability are exposed. On “Compassion” you can hear an influence of Van Morrison and on “Nothing’s Gonna Bring Me Down,” the verses are reminiscent of Lyle Lovett. That’s if you must make comparisons. Otherwise, just enjoy the arrival of the “new folk underground.” — JAMES E. MAYFIELD