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Left to right: Mitchell-Cárdenas, Meany and King
Claire Vogel

Since playing their first concert in 2004, post-rockers Mutemath have made a name for themselves by leaving everything on the stage. From drummer Darren King’s death-defying stage dives to bassist Roy Mitchell-Cárdenas’ switching to the drum kit to frontman Paul Meany’s way of working the crowd with a keytar slung over his shoulder, a Mutemath show is an unparalleled experience. In fact, Alternative Press once heralded the New Orleans three-piece as the top band “you need to see live before you die.”

With their third record, Odd Soul (Teleprompt/Warner Bros. Records, $12), out now and energetic shows scheduled throughout the fall, the band shares some of the best shows they’ve ever seen.

Darren King:
Björk, Toronto (2007): “We played a festival in Toronto, had a great show and then packed our stuff up as fast as possible and [went] over to the stage where Björk was performing. She had an amazing all-female horn section/choir. Every musician ?onstage with her was great, and she sang perfectly.”

Roy Mitchell-Cárdenas:
Beastie Boys, San Antonio (1993): “The Check Your Head tour with House of Pain and L7 as openers. Why? B-Boys were so versatile, constantly switching from the three-MCs-and-one-DJ thing to playing their instruments live. I’d never felt that type of intense energy from a band before.”

Paul Meany:
Feist, Nashville (2007): “Probably the most perfect live performance I’ve ever witnessed. From the miffed intro that she turned into the perfect starter to the standing ovation in the middle of ‘Sea Lion Woman,’ I can’t think of many moments when I didn’t have goose bumps.”

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“The lights will draw you in
But the dark will bring you down
And the night will break your heart
But only if you’re lucky, now.”

Ryan Adams, “Lucky Now”
Ashes & Fire (PAX-AM/Capitol Records, $16)