The Four-Thirds Solution: Solving The Childcare Crisis In America Today, By Stanley I. Greenspan, M.D., Perseus Publishing, $26
Greenspan doesn’t just point out the drawbacks of day care; he also presents a solution that gives children what they most want (mainly, Mom and Dad), while enabling parents to get what they need (mainly, an income). His plan involves both parents working less than full time — two-thirds of the time, to be specific — in order to devote more time to their kids. Thanks to telecommuting, flex time, and technology, Greenspan’s plan might be the answer for today’s families.

A Golfer's Education, By Darren Kilfara, Algonquin Books, $24.95
Like many golfers, Kilfara tried to find a good excuse to golf. And boy did he score. His year abroad to “study” at St. Andrew’s University would land him what he really coveted: a student golf pass. Or so that’s what he originally thought. But a year of golfing the country’s great courses taught him that the game was about far more than good scores. Part memoir, part well-researched Scotland golf guide, Kilfara’s Education will give golfers and nongolfers just that.

Watcherts Of The Time, By Charles Todd, Bantam Books, $24.95
In the latest Ian Rutledge mystery, the former soldier, now a Scotland Yard investigator, is called upon to investigate the death of a priest in a small town, where he discovers that the murder may be linked to something far bigger. A complex and engaging mystery filled with believable characters and dialogue, Watchers of Time is as much a good mystery as it is a great character study.