WHO: Daniel Mintz, 40, the New York-based co-founder and managing director of Olympus Capital Holdings Asia, an investment-management Þrm focused on companies in Asia

ENOUGH ALREADY: Making time for face time with employees as well as with clients is a challenge for busy executives, especially those who travel a lot. For Daniel Mintz, the pressure to connect became particularly intense some two years ago, when he took on another job title: Dad. Call it baby face time. Mintz was naturally worried that his young daughter, Noa, wouldn’t feel connected to him while he was away from home for up to two weeks at a time.

RED FLAG: Mintz had heard too many painful stories from his friends about the “stranger treatment” they got from their young kids after their return from a business trip.

COPING MECHANISM: Mintz introduced Noa to videoconferencing when she was only 4 months old. She was slow on the initial uptake — barely noticing the strange man waving at her on the screen. But these days, Noa claps, þaps, and paws at the screen when Mintz appears on the home computer. Now when he’s on the road, Mintz holds a videoconference with his family every couple of days. The sessions last about 10 minutes — which can add up. Mintz says he spends roughly $200 on videoconference calls each trip.

But the digital connection seems to be working. Noa doesn’t hold grudges against Mintz after he returns home from a lengthy trip. When she sees him, her eyes widen, and she smiles a delighted grin. “She gives me the same sunny, ‘thanks for stopping by’ look when I come back from a business trip that I get every other morning when I pick her up from her crib. Travel is an integral part of my job, and it clearly has a cost. But at least I use whatever tools I can to stay in touch.”