Cesar Silva, San Antonio, Texas

Dear Cesar: We’re glad to know that, like Sherri, you’ve realized it’s okay to go dark sometimes. We’re almost sorry her experiment made her less dependent on the BlackBerry. We were set to charge her a dollar (per staff member) each time she used it in a meeting. We would have been rolling in the dough!

Congratulations on your reports of out-of-the-way destinations. The Ecuador and Brazil stories were very interesting, and I was particularly happy to read about Robinson Crusoe Island [“Strange, Surprising Adventures,” September 15]. My family and I (including three children under the age of 10) visited there in 1975. At that time, chickens were on the runway, and there was only one car on the island: a broken-down jeep near the “terminal building,” which was actually a wooden shack. On our way to town, the fishermen stopped the boat several times to pull up a line laden with rock salmon — nine on one line! And yes, we ate a lot of lobsters — for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Our return flight was delayed because of rough seas. We couldn’t get to the airstrip, so the little plane had to return three days later. Robinson Crusoe Island was promoted as “a paradise, a place of ecstasy and oblivion.” For us, it was a place of adventure.

Horst Cerni, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

Dear Horst: Your trip in 1975 certainly sounds like a grand adventure. Loose chickens, rough seas, a tiny plane — you could give Indiana Jones a run for his money.