The Nokia Revolution: The Story of An Extraordinary Company That Transformed an Industry
By Dan Steinbock, AMACOM, $27.95

How does an obscure Finnish manufacturer of paper products, rubber boots, and raincoats come to dominate the global mobile communications market? Co-lumbia Business School researcher Dan Steinbock’s strategic history of Nokia says it wasn’t luck or the brilliance of longtime leader Jorma Ollila. Rather, Steinbock argues that Nokia beat the likes of Motorola and Sony using specific strategic sensibilities acquired in its 136 years. These encouraged Nokia to shed losing businesses, milk profitable ones, and always — always — accept huge risks in pursuit of huge gains. So can you just punch that into your business model and press “send”? Not exactly, as Nokia’s own heavily checkered history shows. But it also shows that you’re never too Old Economy to teach the New Economy dogs some serious tricks.

Taking Care of e-Business: How Today’s Market Leaders are Increasing Revenues, Productivity, and Customer Satisfaction
By Thomas M. Siebel, Doubleday, $24.95

The founder of top e-business applications software provider Siebel Systems offers eight principles and five steps for thriving in a whirling world of electronic commerce.

The Hybrid Company: Reach all your Customers Through MultiChannels Anytime, Anywhere
By Bernadette Tiernan, Dearborn, $27

Forget clicks, bricks, and even clicks-and-bricks, says e-business expert Bernadette Tiernan. You’ll need all three, with catalog and telemarketing and what-else-have-you, too, to make it in the multichannel marketing future she foresees.