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I've got a great travel tip for passengers starting and ending their trips at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and parking at one of the airport terminals. Since more people are checking bags these days, it can be problematic if you park at one terminal for the outbound flight and your incoming flight brings you to a different terminal.

My solution? Rather than waiting for your luggage before retrieving your car, it's faster to deplane, go get your car, and then drive back to retrieve your luggage. By using the Skylink or even walking, you can stay within the secure part of the airport and quickly get to the terminal where your car is. The mistake is deplaning and crossing through to Baggage Claim. Once there, it's hard to get to another terminal without using the Terminal Link Shuttle (for which you must wait outside in the elements and then cruise other terminals with dozens of people, all while dragging your luggage).

My plan is faster and more comfortable, and it makes your bag easy to pick out when you go to claim it because the crowds and amount of bags have thinned. I'll admit, at the risk of looking like I have no life, that I've tested and timed both options.
Jay Hohfeler, Coppell, Texas

Dear Jay: We believe you have a life, and we're impressed that it includes time spent figuring out ways to help your fellow travelers. But your note has us wondering: What if you arrive at Terminal A when your car is parked at Terminal B and your boss, whose car is at the office, is due to come in at Terminal C? Then what?