Sardinians are known for their fiery temperament, and although they are mainly wine drinkers, at least a few have learned to adapt the American cocktail to their own Italian person-ality. At Arcodoro & Pomodoro (214-871-3141) in Dallas and its sister restaurant in Houston, owners Efisio and Francesco Farris — both proud Sardinians — have created a signature cocktail called the Focoso (Sardinian for “on fire”), which, they contend, “is sexy and ignites the body.” If that is your own preference in a drink, Salud!

2 oz. Grappa alla Fragola
1 oz. dry vermouth
2 drops grenadine syrup
Champagne brut
In a blender, combine the grappa, dry vermouth, and grenadine with crushed ice. Blend until smooth. Pour mixture into a chilled glass and finish off with champagne.