Contrary to what you may have learned on Seinfeld, your father will not be elated if you gift him with a too-small T-shirt that says “#1 Dad.” Nor does he want a new putter, a gift card to a restaurant, or another set of wrenches for Father’s Day. No, Dad wants something with a little sizzle … something hot … something slightly dangerous. He wants a new grill. That’s right, he wants the perfect summertime accessory that goes great with his baggy shorts and Hawaiian shirt and ensures his position as lord and master of the patio. So cough up the Benjamins and put a smile on the face of the guy who always laughed at your kiddie jokes, no matter how lame they were. You owe him. Here are three of our favorites.

Perfect Flame Four-Burner Gas Grill, $569
Dad always said that being different was okay. This innovatively styled split-lid grill is the culinary counterpart to that feel-good message. We’ve never seen anything like it, and we’re such suckers for pioneer types. Total cooking area: 760 square inches; holds up to 35 burgers.

Jenn-Air Five-Burner Gas Grill, $1,299
Remember those cool DeLorean cars from the 1980s, the model Dad always wanted but never got? This sleek, powerful, stainless steel grill obviously inherited part of that gene pool, proving that outdoor appliances can be sexy after all. Total cooking area: 1,037 square inches; holds up to 50 burgers, 25 steaks, or 10 furry woodland creatures. Seeing the look of envy on your neighbor’s face when he gets an eyeful of this bad boy: priceless.

Weber Charcoal Kettle Grill, $85
Got a dad who likes to kick back, old-school style? Or maybe he just loves the thrill of tossing a lit match onto a pile of charcoal soaked with lighter fluid and hearing that whooompf! sound. Either way, this hunka-hunka burnin’ love will fit him better than those Sans-a-Belt slacks you first thought about getting him. Total cooking area: 396 square inches; holds up to 15 burgers.