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You’re constantly on the move — it’s the nature of our world these days. At American, we try to keep that in mind at check-in, at the airport and in the air. Every touch-point — from booking a ticket to connecting to the Internet in flight — is important. How can you stay connected? How can you avoid those lines? And most importantly, where is the best place to find great American deals? It’s in this spirit of modernization and continual improvement that I answer a few of the common questions I receive.

What’s the best way to stay connected when I’m traveling?
This is one of the most common questions my friends ask me, particularly those who are ?business travelers. We know many of you have business to tend to, and we also know how important it is to stay connected to friends and family when you’re traveling. We have made significant progress in what you can do onboard.

First off, we offer in-flight Wi-Fi service on most aircraft. Plus, we offer complimentary access to a number of websites. You can shop on Zappos and Gilt Groupe, which even feature some merchandise only available to American Airlines customers. Looking for a place to eat at your destination? You can book your next reservation on OpenTable and also browse the latest deals on Groupon and LivingSocial. You can even brush up on your celebrity news on People.com or browse the latest concerts on StubHub. And of course, you can always book your next trip on AA.com while you’re in the air.

We have powerports across our fleet and are rolling out in-flight streaming video to your compatible laptop or tablet device, letting you catch up on your latest TV shows or movies with Entertainment on Demand. For pricing options, powerport information and more about ?Entertainment on Demand, visit AA.com/WiFi.

How can I move quickly through the airport?
Getting through the airport, free of hassle, can be easier if you know what tools are available. Checking in from home or from your mobile ?device can save a lot of time. Before your next departure, simply check in on AA.com before you get to the airport. This not only saves you time but makes the process that much easier once you’re at the airport. American offers mobile boarding at a number of locations in our network. With mobile boarding, select the option to have your boarding pass sent to your mobile phone or tablet and eliminate the need for you to have a paper boarding pass. Once at the security checkpoint and the gate, show your mobile boarding pass to scan and you’re on your way.

I can’t live without the American Airlines app. Whether you have an Android device,
an Apple iPhone or iPad, a ?BlackBerry or even an e-reader like the Amazon Kindle or Barnes & Noble’s NOOK, the apps store your information — AAdvantage miles and your flight reservations — in one place, in addition to offering a host of other cool features. Check AA.com/MobileBoarding for more info on mobile boarding and our mobile apps.

If you travel internationally often, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection now offers a program called Global Entry that helps expedite your journey through immigration and customs, allowing you to skip long lines and paperwork. And when you’re traveling domestically, take advantage of TSA Pre-Check, where you can participate in voluntary expedited screening as part of a select group of known travelers. For more info and other ways to simplify your airport experience, see AA.com/GlobalEntry.

Where can I track AA deals and promotions?
We all want a good deal — and we know that’s an important factor in your travel decisions. AA.com is your first stop for all things ?American, and if you don’t already, I encourage you to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. That’s where we’re likely to post our newest deals and promotions first — sometimes exclusively to our followers. Our communities are more social, so that’s where we want to be.

As I leave you this month, I want to reiterate our focus on delivering the customer experience you value, and I’m happy to report that our performance — getting you to your destination, making sure your bags arrive with you and offering quality services — continues to improve. And while we’re making improvements, we know there is always room for more with an operation as big and complex as ours. As we transition to a more modern airline, I continue to welcome your comments and questions. So go ahead and start following us at Facebook.com/AA and on Twitter (@AmericanAir). Join in the conversation and let us know how we can best serve you.

Happy travels!

Craig S. Kreeger
Senior Vice President – Customer
American Airlines