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If you’re a frequent traveler with us, you know that I like to use this column as an opportunity to tell you about American’s commitment to our customers. As we reach the halfway mark of what has been a significant year for us, I want to keep you up-to-date on what we’ve done in just the past few months in an effort to elevate your flying experience with us.

I understand that the travel experience is simply the most important element to keeping and growing our customer base and differentiating our airline from our competitors. For some time, we have been focused on our customers who travel most frequently with us. As such, we have been talking a lot about our commitment to renew our fleet — both through taking delivery of new aircraft and by updating our existing aircraft.

Investing in our fleet is at the core of our business plan as we move through our restructuring process. To move toward a new ?American and a successful future for our people and our customers, we are making our fleet state-of-the-art. Last year, we demonstrated our commitment to refresh our narrow-body aircraft when we announced agreements with Boeing and Airbus to order 460 new planes over the next few years. We continued that commitment just this May with our announcement that we will refresh and redesign our international wide-body planes.

This wide-body redesign will give customers fully lie-flat Business Class seats — all with aisle access onboard our 777-200ERs and 767-300ERs — a huge customer benefit for those flying overseas with us.

Much like the 777-300ERs, the first of which we will take delivery of later this year, the
777-200ERs will feature unique mood lighting, a dramatic archway and ceiling treatment, international Wi-Fi service and a Business Class walk-up bar.

In fact, we will be among the first in the industry to offer the combination of fully lie-flat seats with all-aisle access, international Wi-Fi and top-of-the-line in-seat entertainment. Our new fully lie-flat Business Class seats onboard the 777-200ERs will provide customers some of the largest living space ?offered by U.S. airlines. In fact, our new seat will be an industry leader, giving travelers up to two times more living space than American’s current 777-200ER Business Class seat.
Every Business Class customer will have movie and TV options to enjoy from the in-seat entertainment, with more than 700 hours of on-demand audio and video options. And each seat will feature individual 110-volt universal AC power outlets and USB jacks — allowing you to charge personal electronic devices during your flight.

We’re also refreshing the Main Cabin onboard our 777-200ERs. Every seat will have universal AC power outlets, USB jacks and an HD-capable touch-screen monitor — ?approximately 9 inches — loaded with up to 120 movies, 180 TV programs, 350 audio selections and 30 games. Once complete, the refreshed 777-200ERs will have more than nine times the number of entertainment options that is currently available in the Main Cabin on today’s 777-200ER — giving you significantly? more ways to occupy your time.

Our 767-300ER planes are also getting a refresh. The redesign includes fully lie-flat seats in the Business Class cabin — every single one with aisle access and universal AC power outlets. In addition, customers will be able to choose from a wide variety of movies, TV programs and audio selections all from their Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 device, to be offered in the Premium Cabin.

You will begin to see these modern interiors and customer comforts late this year when we take delivery of the first of our 777-300ER planes. The rest of our international wide-body refresh will begin in 2014, and this project is just one of the many fleet projects we have under way. For more information on the details of the refresh and our other fleet-?renewal efforts, visit AA.com/FlyBetter or check out the AA Insider feature on page 74 of this issue of American Way.

As always, please feel free to write to us at AA.com/CustomerRelations and let us know how we’re doing.

Happy travels!

Craig S. Kreeger
Senior Vice President – Customer
American Airlines