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Last month, I had the opportunity to share a few tips I believe can help anyone travel like a pro. I heard from many of you who are now taking advantage of the many ways American lets you personalize your travel experience. I’d like to take that concept a bit further and focus on the other ways, as an airline, that we’re continuously looking to make the travel experience more convenient — and it’s all about mobility. By mobility, I am referring not just to those of you who are on the go but also to those of you who are communicating with us electronically as you move through the travel experience via whatever device you have in your pocket, purse or briefcase, whether it’s a smart phone or a tablet.

In this mobile era, I know that my work and travel habits have become highly dependent on these tools that enable me to remain always connected and in control. As an airline, we understand that this proliferation of mobile devices means that our technology offering must provide our customers with the tools needed for a seamless travel experience. Some of you may remember when we launched our mobile site to make AA.com accessible on a mobile phone. We’ve made great strides since then, knowing that our customers are mobile by definition, and we have continued to evolve our mobility offerings to include apps and features that provide you with the most relevant and meaningful information.

With approximately 25 percent of all smart-phone users owning an iPhone, we understood the significance of introducing the American Airlines iPhone application last summer. Leveraging the unique features of the phone itself, the app is designed to understand who you are and where you’re going. From accessing your mobile boarding pass to knowing where you’re departing and from what gate to providing information about where you’ll sit and even where you are on the standby list, this application does it all. You can also gain access to other tools to help you manage, plan and further enjoy each trip on AA.

Once you download the app on your iPhone, just enter your login and password once and you’re set to go. By saving your login information, the app can push your upcoming flight details to your home screen automatically. Book and check in for flights; access your mobile boarding pass; create flight-status notifications; view flight statuses and schedules; set parking reminders — these are just a few of the numerous features that will make your travel experience even more convenient. Following the success of the iPhone app, we heard from you that you wanted an app for the iPad as well, which was no surprise, given that 15 million iPads have sold since the device launched just last year. In response, we launched our iPad app last November, bringing your favorite features from the iPhone app to high definition. Some screens on the iPad HD app have even been updated to be more functional for use at the airport. For example, our iPad screen for the mobile boarding pass has four identical bar codes in every corner so it’s easy to scan from multiple positions. In fact, our iPad HD app was even featured in an Apple iPad commercial alongside some of the other great features of the iPad. We will be adding booking and shopping tools to our iPad HD app, so be on the lookout for those tools and more later this year.

The demand for apps on the Android operating system has also been increasing, as Android competes with the iPhone for market share among smart phone users. Just last month, we launched an Android app which incorporates the features our iPhone customers have found most useful. In fact, to test this app, we sought insight from a group of several hundred AAdvantage Executive Platinum Android users, who provided great reviews. I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions as more customers discover this new app, which is a favorite of mine.

Looking forward, there are several more big advances we plan to launch this summer, including the BlackBerry app, which many of our business customers have expressed a need to utilize.

I hope you will take a moment to download one of our travel apps on whatever mobile device you use to stay connected throughout your travel experience. I am certain that these apps’ unique, proactive communications and features will give you just the edge you are looking for as you travel throughout the world to any of the destinations to which we are privileged to carry you.

Questions, comments, suggestions? Write us at www.aa.com/customerrelations and let us know how we’re doing. I always enjoy hearing feedback straight from you.

Craig S. Kreeger
Senior Vice President – Customer Experience
American Airlines