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Traveling is complicated. We know it isn’t always perfect and can be hectic whether you’re an experienced traveler or a leisure flier. We’re all trying to get somewhere — and as quickly as possible.

My friends ask me all the time, “How can I travel like an expert?” The answer is personal. By that I mean the more personalized your travel is, the more seamless your travel experience can be. At American Airlines, there are two significant ways you can take charge and help make your trip surprisingly easy: Both the AA.com Notification Center and the Remember Me feature will make you feel like you’re a travel pro.

I believe the first step in personalizing your travel must start with the AA.com Notification Center, which has everything you need to make sure you’re proactively getting the information you need throughout your travel experience. In short, it puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to your relationship with and interaction with American Airlines.

One of the most popular features of the Notification Center is American’s Flight Status Notifications, which automatically alert you to any schedule changes so you can plan ahead for delays, gate changes and more. As an AAdvantage member, this one-time setup process allows you to receive the information you want each time you fly. In your profile, let us know how you’d like to be notified, whether it’s via text, e-mail or phone; how far in advance of your flight you’d like to be notified; and exactly what type of information you’d like to receive, from info regarding flight statuses and connecting flights to gate changes and baggage-claim locations.

You can even stay connected to friends and family through e-mail, voice mail or text; up to 10 contacts can be saved in your AAdvantage profile, and we can proactively notify three of your contacts of your travel arrangements. The Notification Center even lets you receive notifications on flights that aren’t your own. If a relative or friend is expected to travel, simply set your preferences to get notifications on where their flight stands. Simply go to AA.com/connect and start exploring the multiple options that can make you feel like a travel expert.

We’ve also made it personal each time you call us. The Remember Me feature makes it easier and faster for you to access the travel information you’re looking for whenever you call AA. Remember Me recognizes your phone number, instantly pulls information on your scheduled flights and then relays the information to you.

For example, if you are calling two hours before a scheduled flight, Remember Me assumes that you are likely calling for gate and time information for that flight. As a result, you will be addressed by name and provided that flight’s information first, and then you’re asked whether you have other questions. If you want to check your mileage balance or elite status, Remember Me’s voice-activation technology makes it possible for you simply to say “mileage balance” or “elite information,” and your account details are automatically pulled. Remember Me also makes information available for you on baggage status, travel tips, auto upgrades, security and more within a few seconds of the beginning of the call.

An AAdvantage member who wrote me recently put it nicely when she said, “It’s quick and easy. I don’t have to wait for an automated list of options when I call. The feature remembers my number, refers to me by name, and just like that, my information is available. One phone call and I’m off to the airport.” AAdvantage members can register their phone numbers by setting up an account on AA.com, speaking with an AA Reservations representative or using the automated system via phone. So, if you’re not an AAdvantage member today, be sure to sign up for the program at AA.com/enroll to ensure that you receive the full value these tools can provide your travel experience.

These features are just the beginning. There are a host of services and tools available to customers to ensure a successful travel experience. For example, Mobile Boarding, now available at more than 50 airports around the world, gives you the option to receive your boarding pass right on your mobile device, bypassing the need to print out and present a paper boarding pass. As we continue to delve deeper into what you need, I look forward to all that’s in store for you as we bring you new resources aimed at providing the best travel experience possible. Travel is personal, and by giving you the personal options that you want and need when you need them, you, too, can travel like a pro.

Questions, comments or suggestions? Write us at www.aa.com/customerrelations and let us know how we’re doing. I always enjoy hearing feedback straight from you, our customer.

Craig S. Kreeger
Senior Vice President – Customer Experience
American Airlines