Looking for rough-and-tumble solitude? Walk this way:

Bighorn National Forest, Wyoming
The Bighorn National Forest encompasses 1.1 million acres, including the impressive Bighorn Mountains that begin at the Montana border and continue south for 80 miles. Even in summer, high-country weather can turn things adventurous fast. (307) 674-2600; www.fs.fed.us\r2\bighorn

Gila National Forest, New Mexico
Mile after mile of all kinds of nature, from 10,000-foot mountains buried in pine to cactus groves and Pez dispenser rock formations called hoodoos. (505) 388-8201

Lake Clark National Park and Preserve, Alaska
West of Anchorage, the Alaskan and Aleutian ranges run into each other amidst 4 million acres of God’s nearly untouched glory — neck-cricking mountains, lakes brimming with salmon and rainbow trout, tundra-covered foothills, and no roads. (907) 781-2218

North Cascades National Park, Washington
A half-million-plus acres of rugged mountain and cavernous valley, tucked in the northwest corner of Washington. Beyond the borders of the national park, more wilderness. (360) 856-5700 — K.M.