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Kyra Sedgwick, star of The Closer and next month's The Game Plan, wanted adventure. She and her family found it on an eco-friendly trek through Costa Rica.

Kyra Sedgwick wanted something different, something exciting. She and her husband, Kevin Bacon, and their two teenage children, Travis and Sosie, were tired of lazy days on Caribbean beaches that seemingly all of Hollywood had discovered. "The decision was mine," she says. "I wanted to make us go on an adventure vacation. We had been going to Anguilla and staying at the Cap Juluca. We love Anguilla, but it has started to become super-Hollywood. Also, I was not in the mood to plotz. Do you know what plotzing is? Plotzing is just sitting around, not doing anything. I was tired of the plotzing. So I said, 'I want to go on an adventure vacation.' And Kev said, 'What about Costa Rica?' And he really made all the plans for it, as he always does. He's always the plan guy."

And what a plan it was: two weeks in the wild, sharing eco-friendly lodges with howler monkeys and toucans, far from civilization and from Sedgwick's red-hot midlife stardom. She recently won a best actress Golden Globe award for her role as deputy police chief Brenda Leigh Johnson on the hit TNT series The Closer, and next month, she stars opposite Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson in the Disney football film The Game Plan. Sedgwick's game plan in her personal life has long been the same: "At home, I do all I can to tread lightly on the earth," she has said in interviews. A few years back, she found a way to incorporate that attitude into her family vacations.

Between takes on her hit TV series, Sedgwick recounts for us her environmentally sensible adventure vacation in Costa Rica, where, with her family in tow, she rode the rapids, flew over the rain forests, dusted off scorpions, and ran with the wild pigs - while always avoiding the beaten path.

Okay, Maybe Just a Little Plotzing
We first stopped in San José, the capital, which is where you stop on your way into Costa Rica. We spent a night at a beautiful environmentally aware hotel called the Rosa Blanca. Absolutely beautiful. All wood, probably correctly culled wood from different forests. Environmentally responsible in every way. It is owned by this guy who was, I think, an artist in San Francisco, and then he moved to Costa Rica. He had, I believe, a small coffee plantation there, and he also raised flowers. I think that's why it's called the Finca Rosa Blanca Country Inn. We stayed in this room that has a circular wooden staircase in it because we had the two kids with us. We slept upstairs; they slept downstairs. It was almost like being at the front end of a ship, a beautiful wooden ship. The windows look out on the plantation, and it was very windy. The room has a beautiful white canopy bed, and you can close yourself in while you're sleeping.