Save on car rental. Book on Thursday to get the lowest rate. Also, request a small car, particularly a Geo Metro, which, according to Nulty, is rarely available, thus enabling you to get an automatic upgrade. And forgo the car altogether if you'll hardly use it, Nulty says. "There's a good chance cabs are cheaper." One caveat: Smaller cities with fewer cabs often have higher rates than bigger cities. Check beforehand.

Dine earlier. Entertaining clients at lunch or breakfast can save you 50 percent, and many large cities offer early-bird discounts to diners before 7, says Nancy Dunnan, managing editor at Travel Smart Newsletter.
Prevent largesse. A prix fixe menu can cut your bill by two-thirds. If the restaurant has no fixed-price option, you can often call ahead and arrange a set menu for your party. Also, discourage client extravagance - and possibly cut your bill in half - by not ordering wine, appetizers, coffee, or dessert yourself.
Shop around. Pick up bottled water, snacks, and alcohol at a local market and store them in the minibar. "That way you're not spending $12 on a Coke," says Greenberg.

Avoid the evil surcharge. Get around hotels' phone access fees by using your cell phone, a calling card at hotels that don't charge for 800 numbers, or use a new callback service, such as Kallback (800-959-5255). When you call a special number, no one answers, but the service is signaled to dial you back. Thus, you get an open line at no fee for your "uncompleted" call. The rates are 50 percent to 75 percent below standard, with a monthly service fee of about $10. At hotels that add a fee for longer calls, compose e-mails off-line and keep calls under 30 minutes.