Where: New Orleans
When: March 15, 2001
Why: For this native son of the Big Easy, home means food, music, and a 24-hour party.
"The whole point of going to New Orleans is to realize that you can sleep when you're dead. Eat as much as you possibly can, and then go out and eat some more. If you're going to visit for a week or a weekend, forget your diets, forget getting your beauty sleep, because it's not going to happen."

Where: Los Angeles
When: May 1, 2001
Why: In a city of superstars, he's the king of the hills.
"People say a Lakers game is a total entertainment experience - from the game, to the celebrities, to the Laker Girls, which is how Paula Abdul got her start. The floor seats [$1,160 apiece] are where everybody wants to sit. Denzel Washington, Penny Marshall, Dyan Cannon, and all the studio heads and agents sit on the floor. But what's most incredible about the Staples Center is the way the fans cheer us on. That place just gets loud." AW