Where: Nashville
When: May 1, 1996
Why: Country music, home cooking, and her restored 175-year-old farmhouse made Nashville worth coming home for.
"Mom always says that we don't need to travel anywhere for holiday, because we live on a nature preserve. The Natchez Trace Parkway, which in certain areas borders our farm, is obviously a continuation of that same lush, gorgeous geography. It strikes me as being so deeply nostalgic and spiritual, because you can really feel the history of the people who walked the Trace when they were migrating. There were outlaws and traders and merchants and Indians. It's just such a microcosm of American history on this one trail."

Where: Bermuda
When: July 15, 1997
Why: On the island where his family goes back to the 1630s, Douglas had returned to help run Ariel Sands, his family's resort.
"My relatives live all over Devonshire. It's just beautiful … with all these lovely cottages. St. Peter's Church in St. George's at the far end of the island is the oldest [Anglican] church in the Western Hemisphere. … My whole family, the Dills, are all buried there. … It gives me a great feeling of solace and security to go down to places and see where my mother's family has been worshipping for 350 years."