There’s never been a consumer tech device to spur such a panoply of accessories and spin-off gadgetry as the Apple iPod. To do our part in furthering said panoply (and to save you the headache), we decided to pick out the best new iPod add-ons and extras out there. Plus, it was a great excuse for us to play with some really cool gadgets.

-Sweeter Speakers
We love the iPod, but those little bitty speakers need serious help. A number of good portable units exist, but we favor the inMotion iM7 from Altec Lansing, which has surprisingly good bass for a portable. Toss it in your suitcase or beach bag and get ready to rock. $250.

-Rise and Rock
Wake up to your pet sounds with the ear-pleasing, eye-catching JBL On Time, a future-y speaker dock with radio, clock, and dual alarm. It’s versatile, too, playing well with iPods, other MP3 players, CD players, and more. $250.

-Cure Separation Anxiety
The most zealous pod people tolerate no separation from the divine device. With the Otterbox for iPod, you can keep your little friend high and dry while singing along in the shower or splashing in the pool. $50.

-Finding a Home Base
“Away with wires,” we say, saluting the Belkin TuneStage for iPod. The base station plugs into your home stereo so you can wirelessly stream music from certain iPod models up to 33 feet away. $179.

-Get an Earful
Okay, they weren’t designed specifically for the iPod, but Shure’s E4C sound-isolating earphones are perfect for it. These headphones deliver high-quality sound detail without exposing you to potentially damaging volume levels and Pete Townshend Syndrome. $319.

-Pack It Up
Your music machine gets its own special carrying-case-cum-boom-box with the i-Fusion Portable Speakers for iPod. When you’re through playing your tunes, the i-Fusion recharges the device for the next party. $150.

-Driving Sounds
Always-on iPodders crave a seamless interface between car and player. Harman Kardon’s Drive + Play scratches that itch with complete iPod control — even full browsing capability — as you navigate. The bright LCD screen dishes up five lines of menu text. $199.