"Slopeside is a bar and grill that you can ski right up to, put your skis on a rack, walk inside, and get a beer. For dinner, if you're looking for something on the fancier side, try Antares downtown for new American or Mediterranean Grill for fish and tapas. If you want something inexpensive, the Old Town Pub is for burgers and steaks and salads. Every place in Steamboat Springs is casual."

"Usually, we stay at the Steamboat Grand Resort. It's a big Colorado-looking place with a ballroom space. You can also stay downtown at the Rabbit Ears Motel. If you want something fancier and want to ski-in and ski-out, there's the Thunderhead Lodge and the Chateaux Chamonix right at the base of the Steamboat Gondola, which you're going to ride up the mountain."


"Hunter Thompson is one of the highlights of Aspen for me. I'm such a fan of his. I bought a car from him once, a gold 1976 El Dorado convertible. He had driven it to our show that night at the Wheeler and he said, 'Where you guys going?' I said, 'We're driving to Salt Lake City tonight.' He said, 'Well, that El Dorado would make a great pace car. You oughta buy it.' I said, 'How much?' He said, 'Two thousand dollars.' Buying a car from Hunter Thompson is quite an experience. We stopped on the way out of town at 1 in the morning and he went over the car with me on the side of the road with a flashlight. We drove it away. It ran great. We returned it some time later that same night. I've never actually taken possession of it. I gave him the money, and I get to drive the car around whenever I'm there. I love to drive it in the summer out on that road that goes out to Maroon Bells. So it was a great deal."

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