"The Caribou Club is one of those places full of intrigue. It has an air of mystery. It's underground. There are several different rooms. It's not like this big, open space. You always imagine some socially involved scenes, some very important Aspen happenings. Of course, I've been to the bar at the Jerome Hotel. It's one of those great historical buildings. In Colorado, you have a chance to reflect on where our world has gone, because the old world is so well represented."

"The Snowflake Inn is a very cool place. There seems to be a lot of families, and it's just down the street from the Wheeler Opera House and two blocks from the St. Regis. It's like a little apartment complex kind of deal. The Aspen Meadows Resort is a very cool place to stay. The St. Regis and The Little Nell are the ultimate in luxury. They're as nice as any hotel you can ever stay in anywhere. You run into all sorts of folks. It's sort of the Aspen people conjure up when they think of Aspen, but it's nice. I don't mind hanging out with those guys."


"Steamboat is a really good ski mountain. To me, the success of a ski mountain is how many nice, not-too-difficult runs there are that are challenging enough but will allow you to ski tomorrow. Steamboat has those kind of runs."

"After all this driving and skiing, you can sink into one of Steamboat's natural hot springs. There are more than 150 in and around town. The springs were used by the Ute Indians and early settlers, who built the first bathhouse, called The Heart Spring, which is now part of the Steamboat Springs Health and Recreation complex. The Hot Springs at Strawberry Park is another good spring, open until 11 each night, where you can soak in the 100-plus degree water with snow all around you and look up at the stars."