Come winter, this long, tall Texan heads for the Rockies. And when he and his band aren't playing a gig, he skis the slopes and enjoys the other snowy splendors of Vail, Aspen, and Steamboat Springs.
It makes sense that Lyle Lovett - whose collection of songs from films and soundtracks, called Smile, is being released next month - would love Colorado. Both singer and state are basically rough-hewn country folk, equally at home on the back roads and in the big city. Born and raised in Texas, Lovett first came to Colorado in the 1980's to ski with his father. Today, he and his Large Band regularly bombard the state, playing Denver and Boulder in the summer and the ski areas Vail, Aspen, and Steamboat Springs in the winter. "What I enjoy about Colorado," says Lovett, "is that you can go there and imagine it back when, especially in the towns that were vital before skiing: Breckenridge and Aspen and Telluride. I look around and I see the streets teeming with people and activity and feel the life that once was there." Here's a weekend with the music and movie star in the ski towns of Colorado: starting in Vail, on to Aspen, and ending in Steamboat Springs.
"Sweet Basil is international, and right in the center of Vail Village, which was created especially for skiers back in the '60s. The Left Bank is a French restaurant and one of the top places in town. You have to take a sleigh ride up to Beano's Cabin, which is a private club during the day but open to the public at night. The old cabin was built by a Chicago lettuce farmer named Beano back in 1919."

"We most frequently play Dobson's hockey rink there. They put a floor down and we play. It feels like you're playing in a hockey rink. It's a nice, small arena, but it's cold."